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IFLA/Baker & Taylor Public Library of the Year Award

   The “Public Library of the Year” award is presented by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) with the aim of honouring new public libraries. Baker & Taylor is proud new main sponsor of the award.The award is presented to a library somewhere in the world, that has best managed to combine open and functional architecture with sustainable and creative IT solutions and has included both digital developments and local culture.To be eligible for the award, the library must be newly built, have added a significant extension, or located in a building, that have not previously been used...

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Three New Stories From Story Box Hub!

StoryBox Hub has three wonderful new stories to share, celebrating resilience, self-acceptance and finding your place in the world. We can’t wait to share them with you!Too Loud Lily is the delightful story of Lily Hippo, someone who everyone thinks is just too LOUD!  Everyone, that is, until Miss Loopiola, the new music and drama teacher. With her help, Lily discovers that she’s exactly the right kind of loud. Written by Sofie Laguna, illustrated by Kerry Argent and performed by the incomparable Dolly Diamond, come and celebrate finding your voice, and your place in the world!  Wai Chim is back with another heartwarming...

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Story Box Library has SIX new wonderful stories to share with you.

 Let’s Build A Boat, a celebration of imagination and friendship is the newest book from Jane Godwin - and written in rhyme (how cool is that?). Illustrated by debut artist Meg Rennie, this joyful story is presented by the charming Sean Szeps.    I Feel The World is a gorgeous story of acceptance and curiosity around feelings and emotions. Written by the talented Zanni Louise andclinical psychologist Dr Ameika Johnson, illustrated by the talented Nia Gould, and presented by the fabulous Alice Zaslavsky, we invite you to share this beautiful story with the youngsters you know.    Alone, Scott Stuart’s newest story explores how...

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VOX Books is coming!

James Bennett and Library Ideas Enter Agreement to Bring Vox Books to Schools and Libraries in ANZVOX Books™ to be exclusively available through leading local library supplierJames Bennett, the leading local Australian library supplier, and Library Ideas, an innovative media publisher, announce a strategic fulfillment agreement for the VOX Books™ read-along product line for libraries and schools.VOX Books are hardcover picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction books that include a permanently attached reader preloaded with high-quality narration. This combination of print book and audio book allows the user to listen as they read along, helping them engage with books and...

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Join us in commemorating our 60th anniversary!

This year marks six decades since our incorporation and 64 years of dedicated service in library supply. For those unfamiliar with our legacy, James Bennett, our founder, was a true pioneer in the industry, embodying innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.A trailblazer in the industry; pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and breaking new ground are the cornerstones of who he was and what we continue to aspire to. In 1978 James Bennett was bestowed with the Redmond Barry Award, a peer-nominated award and ALIA’s highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual not eligible for associate or library...

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Creating a Third Place:

This article was originally written and shared on the PressReader blog. To read the full article, scroll through to the end.Albert Einstein once said, "The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library."Actually, Einstein probably didn't say that — most of the pithy quips attributed to the great physicist can't actually be traced back to him — but there is definitely some wisdom to those words.Mind you, this is not to say that the local public library branch exists to serve every function of civic life — it's not there to take the place of...

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New Stories from Story Box Library

At Story Box Library, we’ve got three new stories that reflect and celebrate the diversity of our communities and experiences.   There’s a Bull Ant in The Bedroom, a hilarious tale written and read by Adam Wallace and illustrated by Shane McGowan, involves an unlikely cast of characters, a fierce Bull Ant and a hero who saves the day from the chaos in the household!    Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler’s My Deadly Boots, with illustrations by Samantha Campbell, celebrates the joy of being who you are, and finding confidence in being yourself, a story for both footy (and non-footy) fans alike! We’re delighted to add this newest...

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Introducing Edda and Peter to the James Bennett team!

James Bennett is very lucky to welcome two new staff members, Peter Wallace and Edda Eckhardt! We asked them 5 questions in 5 minutes to get to know them a little better.   Joining our Sales Team is Peter Wallace. Peter started working in libraries at the age of 17 as a shelver. He then worked at Richmond Tweed Regional Library for 16 years, in several roles, ending up as a Librarian. And we now welcome him to our Sales Team! Peter will be taking care of  Mid-Coast, Northern and Western NSW.  What is your favourite book, author or genre? My favourite genre is fantasy. I don't...

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Preserving Indigenous languages: Libraries have a role to play

Here's an alarming statistic: a 2021 study by researchers at Australian National University warned that, of the approximately 7,000 that are currently spoken around the world, some 1,500 of the world's languages are in danger of no longer being spoken by the end of this century.The study, titled "Global predictors of language endangerment and the future of linguistic diversity", was published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.In a press release, one of the study's authors, Professor Lindell Bromham, noted that the researchers' findings were a reminder that more action was urgently needed to preserve at-risk languages — particularly the languages...

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Four factors to consider when choosing tech tools for libraries in 2024!

The technological evolution of the public library — already a long-standing trend — continues in 2024, with no signs of slowing down. From conversational search tools that rely on natural language processing to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, emerging technologies are propelling library services into the future, which means that librarians have had to add tech expertise to their toolkit of skills.In past blog posts, we have looked at how new technologies can streamline operations, inform collection development and generally improve efficiency.Now, let's look at several key factors that library staff ought to consider when deciding which digital resources to...

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Stand By: Technical Difficulties

Our phones are currently experiencing technical difficulties.Please email client services for any urgent matters at or contact your account manager.We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are working to repair this ASAP.

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Encouraging Independence in School-Age Children

Getting kids to be more independent is super important for their growth. We can use research-backed strategies to guide us, helping kids become responsible and self-sufficient. In this blog post, we’ll explore simple and effective ways to nurture independence in school-age children.Why Independence Matters:Researchers tell us that letting kids make choices and decisions is a big deal. When kids get to decide things, it boosts their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.Taking Steps Together:A great way to help kids be more independent is by slowly giving them more responsibilities. Experts call it the “gradual release of responsibility.” Studies...

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Digital transformation and New Year's resolutions for the modern public library

What qualifies a public library as "modern" in 2024? Is it cutting-edge architecture and innovative interior design?That's certainly part of the equation. The fact is, a public library has never really been just a place to check out books and that is especially true in the 21st century.Our ideas about what constitutes great library design evolves as the needs of patrons grow and change. If the local branch is to be an important hub — a critical part of a community's social infrastructure, as some have argued — library spaces must serve the needs of the widest possible range of...

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James Bennett 2023 Wrap Up

To our Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Partners, It's inspiring to see the positive experiences and strong connections we’ve made throughout the year. Whether those connections are old or new, building a supportive and diverse work environment contributes significantly to individual and collective growth.Expressing gratitude to your colleagues, for their dedication is important and a commitment to challenging each other to be better and reach higher is a testament to the team's shared passion for delivering the best customer experience. To our customers, the trust and support you give us only adds another layer of recognition for the collaborative effort that makes...

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Morning Tea with Jacqueline Harvey!

We were lucky enough to host Jacqueline Harvey and Jess from Penguin Random House for a morning tea on Tuesday, 5th December. Jacquie - as always - was an absolute delight, even when pestered by dozens of questions! Read the interview below and click here to browse the Jacqueline Harvey collection on JBO. How has your teaching experience influenced your writing?I come from a family of storytellers and yarn spinners. None of them are “writers” per se, but they are FULL of stories… some that my father told me not to share at school, but stories none the less. This inspired me...

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Summer Reading!

Once the Summer holidays arrive, it is very easy for children to lose some of the reading comprehension skills that they have developed throughout the school year, commonly known as the “Summer Slide”. Summer reading programs are integral to continuing to develop children’s retention and critical thinking skills. Story Box Library has provided their best tips for empowering children to read these holidays:CHOICE and AUTONOMY are critical factors when it comes to boosting the motivation for kids to read.Kids LOVE having books read aloud to them at home.Exposing children to storybooks not only encourages them to read for pleasure but also helps...

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Allies in Wellness: Academic Librarians and Student Mental Health

A recent report out of Harvard University suggests that young adults — specifically those who are members of Generation Z — are experiencing emotional struggles at "alarming rates".Titled "On Edge: Understanding and Preventing Young Adults’ Mental Health Challenges", the report comes to us courtesy of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and its Making Caring Common Project.The result of a nationally representative survey, the study (which you can read in full here) compared the mental-health struggles of young adults (aged 18 to 25) with those reported by teens (aged 14 to 17). According to the Executive Summary, young adults report...

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Our Yarning Collection by Library for All

The Our Yarning collection by Library For All, brings you the best in children’s books written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors. These stories; collected from across Australia, are beautiful, culturally relevant books for First Nations children, as well as engaging stories for all children to learn about Aboriginal culture and history.With Our Yarning, children can engage in levelled books full of tales of culture, community, the environment, health, recreation and more! From the sounds of the bush, to sports you can play, there’s something for all children to get excited about and learn from.All proceeds from the sales of these books are invested back...

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November Releases from Story Box Library!

Explore releases about appreciating family, friends, sleep AND new adventures this month on Story Box Library! New and upcoming story releases in November and December: Feel a bit sleepy? Not even a little bit tired? Well, there’s a solution to that (and it might involve more than counting a few sheep!). Written by Adam Wallace and illustrated by Carla Martel, this hilarious story is read by Lindsey Evergreen. Watch Why Won’t You Sleep?!    Brain is organised. Brain likes routine and vegetables. And Brain really likes being right, too! But there’s something to be learned from Heart, who loves puppies, chocolate and rollercoasters. Read by author...

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Empower Your Young Creators With Story Tools

Story Tools is the creative toolkit for your community’s young creators. Until January 31st, 2024, Story Box Library public library subscribers can try out Story Tools for free! What does the program offer to nurture that creative spark in your community’s young writers, illustrators and creators?You’ll have lesson plans ready to go. These have been developed especially for the community library space, complementing the many programs, activities and workshops that are already offered. The flexibility of these plans means that libraries can adapt to use the resources in the ways that suit them the best. Build on those creator visits that are already being...

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How digital resources at libraries can create a better experience for patrons

At PressReader, we focus a lot on how the role libraries play in their communities has shifted, and how it will continue to evolve. As the needs of patrons and the wider community in general change, libraries have embraced new functions. In this article, we'll look at the public library's role as a means for patrons to access digital resources.The classic library concept — the notion of a physical location that is a repository of books for users to borrow, read and return — is still an entirely relevant one. It's undeniable, however, that digital transformation has impacted the library...

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Find stories and activities for the warmer weather and outdoor fun!

Story Box Library’s digital collection of almost 500 titles feature popular children’s books read by dynamic storytellers, with accompanying Activity Time resources.    Embracing the changing climate, find stories on seasonal cycles and weather for kids, plus outdoor activities that support learning and family connection. Available exclusively to subscribers, further Activity Time ideas and resources focused on nature, outdoor recreation and sport can also be found on the Resources page and incorporated into library programs and shared with families.  With families and children across the country still swept up in the excitement of Australian football team The Matildas’ blitz in this year’s Women’s World...

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New Stories about Courage, Acceptance and Nature

New and upcoming story releases in October:  Presents! Games! Cake! Everyone loves a party, right? Well, not everyone. And definitely not Kit. All Kit wants is a quiet place to hide away from the noise. And maybe he’s not the only one… Created by Nicki Greenberg and read by Jocelyn Moorhouse. Watch Cats Do Not Like Birthdays.     Kingsley the dog has decided to get a job. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, a job is a BIG responsibility. But finding the right kind of job is much harder than Kingsley expected. Read by comedian and actor Nazeem...

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All About Non Fiction

 Explore Story Tools, the new story writing series from Story Box Library helping young writers enter the world of story creation and develop their own writing skills! Featuring video lessons hosted by kids’ favourite Australian creators, such as Heidi McKinnon, Claire Saxby and more, diverse Australian book creators share their own storytelling tips with practical ideas for children to create their own stories. In Story Tools Series 2, explore lessons on non-fiction writing styles, research and development, story publishing and more! All About Non-Fiction explores some of the different kinds of non-fiction writing, how these very clever writers craft their fascinating ‘fact books’.   Researching...

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New Stories from Story Box Library!

 Xiao Xin believes he is a red fire warrior but his family are always telling him to be careful. They believe the world is a dangerous place - too dangerous for a little boy on his own! Actor Trystan Go brings this powerful story to life about conquering your fears as a child and adult, from renowned storytellers Alice Pung and Sher Rill Ng. Watch Be Careful, Xiao Xin! Available in English and Mandarin.     Written and read by Jordan Collins and illustrated by Phil Lesnie, Where? is a heartfelt picture book that challenges racism from an exciting new voice, taking readers on an...

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James Bennett Welcomes Back Jo Reddacliff!

James Bennett welcomes back Jo Reddacliff!We are so pleased to welcome Jo back to the James Bennett team in the role of Customised Library Services Manager.Heading up our Client Services team from 1997 to 2004, Jo has now stepped into a new role with us and we couldn't be happier to bring her back to the JB family.The call of books and libraries is a hard one to ignore and we trust you will enjoy meeting and working with Jo in 2023 and beyond! Contact Details:Jo ReddacliffCLS ManagerE: +61 2 8988 5068

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Story Tools

Story Tools is the new story writing series from Story Box Library helping young writers enter the world of story creation and develop their own writing skills!Featuring video lessons hosted by kids’ favourite Australian creators, such as Heidi McKinnon, Claire Saxby and more, diverse Australian book creators share their own storytelling tips with practical ideas for children to create their own stories. Ideal for middle-to-upper primary age children, each video lesson also comes with downloadable worksheets that can be incorporated into your public library programs, such as school holiday events, after-school writers’ workshops or as part of a library writers’ festival.Story...

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Story Box Library: Extend patron engagement and access to high-quality literature!

Story Box Library’s digital resources extend engagement at the library, and promote access to high-quality literature.  Explore how libraries are using digital products and subscription services to help patrons make the most of their offerings and programs, including creative ways to incorporate Activity Time at the library, to inspire and engage families and kids.From Story Box Library subscribers, read about how Brimbank Libraries in Victoria helps patrons digitally connect to reading in meaningful ways. Discover Story Box Library’s online events, including:Make the most of digital resources for your library engagement and get kids excited about reading in Ask the Experts: Library Engagement...

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Story Box Library: First Nations stories

Explore new releases from Story Box Library, including new First Nations' Stories for NAIDOC Week (2-9 July) and beyond, CBCA Book of the Year Awards shortlisted stories, plus new additions to the Auslan Story Time series. Shortlisted CBCA New Illustrator 2023 stories:  Read by Gunnai writer and multi-disciplinary artist Kirli Saunders, written by Duncan Smith and Nicole Godwin and with beautiful paintings by Jandamarra Cadd, We Are Australians celebrates all those who live on this land. What does it mean to be a citizen of Australia? Watch We Are Australians. Read by actor Trystan Go (best known for playing Benjamin Law in 'The Family...

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Story Box Library: New Releases, CBCA titles and new Auslan!

Find new releases from Story Box Library, with themes exploring family bonds and love, self-acceptance and celebration, helping kids of all ages feel seen, heard and understood.Explore new story releases:With its lyrical, cumulative text and whimsical, richly imagined artwork, Whisper on the Wind is a celebration of the wonders of the ocean and the power of love to find us - wherever we are. Written by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft and read by Tamala Shelton. Is the wolf really as big and bad as she seems? Or is she just ... misunderstood? Miss Understood is written by Kathryn Apel,...

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Story Box Library: The Best and Brightest in Australian Children's Literature

Learn more about the best and brightest in Australian children’s literature, featuring diverse and engaging stories told by exciting storytellers on Story Box Library. Discover more about writers, illustrators and storytellers with Story Box Library’s Short Films, featuring popular and award-winning Australian creators:Aaron Blabey: Explore his studio, find out how he records his story ideas and finds a rhythm for his verses. Davina Bell: It always comes back to books for us and the same rings true for this author. Tony Wilson: Creating a good story means being observant and looking around in the world, but mostly, Tony Wilson just wants to make kids laugh! John...

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Story Box Library: Activity Time!

Keep children engaged in a love of reading and creative learning with Story Box Library’s Activity Time!Activity Time resources help librarians and families encourage children to go beyond the book, with instructional PDFs and videos designed to spark creativity, curiosity and play. Often with a focus on art or play, Activity Time sparks the imagination, supports life-long learning and promotes quality family time.Get creative ideas for using Activity Time at your public library here!  Designed to be used alongside story reads in the library or at home, activities can also be built into outdoor and nature play programs from public libraries. Patrons...

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Story Box Library: Anzac Day

  Story Box Library wishes your library communities a fantastic holiday break, with exciting and creative programs to engage everyone in a love of reading!    This year’s dedicated Anzac Day story release, This Old Thing, can be found in Story Box Library’s digital collection now.When a young boy is asked to bring an object to contribute to his class Anzac project, he finds all kinds of old things-some wildly exciting, others more confusing. But a faded, forgotten photograph of his great-great-grandfather makes sense of everything…This Old Thing is written by Cassandra Webb, illustrated by Tony Flowers and read by Roby Favretto. Published...

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Story Box Library: Celebrating Connection, Belonging and more!

Discover new story releases on Story Box Library, celebrating diversity, inclusiveness and more.In the lead up to Harmony Week during 20-26 March, Story Box Library has dedicated story collections for public libraries, parents and carers to watch with kids.Connection, Culture, Events & Celebrations, Society & Culture.Find March story releases:Put on your passion. Flaunt your heart on your sleeve. You're a fashionista. Work it. Wear it. Believe. Fashionista is a gorgeous story for anyone who wants to embrace their individuality, from the award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke. Read by Paula Arundell. For dreamers everywhere comes a relatable story about throwing the perfect birthday...

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New Stories from Story Box Library!

Discover new story releases on Story Box Library, celebrating diversity, inclusiveness and more.Find March story releases:Put on your passion. Flaunt your heart on your sleeve. You're a fashionista. Work it. Wear it. Believe. Fashionista is a gorgeous story for anyone who wants to embrace their individuality, from the award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke. Read by Paula Arundell.  For dreamers everywhere comes a relatable story about throwing the perfect birthday party…even when things don’t exactly go to plan. Polly’s Grand Party Plan is written by Jane Godwin, illustrated by Evie Barrow and read by Patrick Harvey. As a second-generation migrant, 6-year-old Shreya’s life tilts...

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New season of Busy Bodies helps children build HEALTHY HABITS!

Are you a parent? Then you know how hard it can be to get your kids to clean their room, brush their teeth, or to share their toys. Mr SnotBottom to the rescue! In this hilarious – and informative – new season of Busy Bodies, Mr SnotBottom tackles ALL the habits that help kids grow into healthy humans - and that makes parenting just that little bit easier!Listen now to the first episode Concentration where Mr. SnotBottom and his friend Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (from Bedtime Explorers) share tips to help kids focus. Like:Practise mindfulness. Focussing on our breathing can help calm...

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Story Box Library: Discover Diversity

With over 450 stories and features for accessibility, plus 24/7 access for subscribers, Story Box Library helps families actively engage with the stories of those around us or those far away.Story Box Library is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive digital library, ensuring kids see themselves in stories and feel a sense of belonging.That’s why it’s so important for Story Box Library to showcase and celebrate diversity for kids of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Find a digital library of stories, including First Nations’ Stories and Auslan Story Time story collections, read by dynamic storytellers, plus resources such as Short...

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Story Box Library

Discover new story releases on Story Box Library, encouraging kids to think about the importance of taking care of our environment, be courageous and love the different origins and cultures between us.Find February story releases:For thousands of years, First Nations people have listened and responded to the land and made friends with fire, using this knowledge to encourage plants and seeds to flourish, and creating beautiful places for both animals and people to live. Join Uncle Kuu as he takes us out on Country and explains cultural burning, in Looking After Country With Fire: Aboriginal Burning Knowledge with Uncle Kuu. Featuring stunning...

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Behind the Cover 1: Back To School Extra

Back to SchoolFrom ParentTV Creator and Mum, Sam JockelAfter 3 kids and 10 years of being a school mum one thing I can tell you is that going back to school after a long summer break can be very different depending on the year and the child. There are often many factors at play but mostly for my kids it has been about feeling connected and safe to their teacher and their peers.The last few years have been so disruptive for our kids and for some of them those past anxieties and unknowns can get triggered when heading into a...

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Behind the Cover 1: Back To School Extra

 Explore Starting School and School Life stories here on Story Box Library. Welcome to a new year! Sharing stories about school life and first day nerves can help children of all ages with new routines, building confidence and making friends. Watch stories in the library and encourage children to enjoy at home with family members, with Activity Time ideas to inspire creativity, fun and quality family time. Encourage good bedtime routines and habits for back to school. Built into a fun and exciting narrative with practical tools for kids and parents, the ‘Sleep with Kip’ series is available to watch. Find bedtime stories...

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Newsletters 2023 with James Bennett

This year, James Bennett Public library customers will be receiving two newsletters. The first, Between the Lines will focus on new release titles; including print, audio and digital, as well as curated title lists, title and publisher spotlights and what James Bennett staff are loving!The second, Behind the Cover will focus on the products and services that James Bennett has on offer. Each month will be themed and will offer valuable information on how these services will benefit your library and your patrons, as well as offer free videos, advice and training.Click the banner below to subscribe or follow us on...

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James Bennett Welcomes Zoe Williamson

We are delighted to welcome Zoe Williamson to the James Bennett team in the role of ANZ Schools Sales Manager.Zoe comes to us with experience in teaching and business development and will spearhead the promotion of the JB product range including books, digital products and the Destiny Library Manager System to schools across the region.We trust you will enjoy meeting and working with Zoe in 2023 and beyond. Contact Details:Zoe WilliamsonANZ Schools Sales ManagerM: 0434 606 019E:

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ParentTV - Full Webinar Available

Thank you for joining James Bennett and ParentTV’s Librarian webinar: It Takes A Village: Supporting Community & Parent WellbeingPlease find both the full webinar and the ParentTV platform demonstration below. These have also been pinned to the top of our social media feeds for quick reference.PTV Full Webinar:PTV Library Platform Demo:

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It Takes a Village: Supporting Community & Parent Wellbeing

Librarians naturally take a holistic approach when it comes to supporting their communities. This includes supporting children, parents, carers and grandparents who take that knowledge and guidance to affect and participate into their communities. They have always been seen as trusted sources of knowledge that help and guide patrons to navigate information overload – particularly in this age of disinformation.As Australia’s multiculturalism and diversity grows, the need for inclusive information rises. ParentTV is not only a credible source of information with content from a range of experts and professionals in the industry; it has identified, prioritised and designed support for...

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Story Box Library

Keep kids inspired with diverse stories and creative activities over the summer with Story Box Library’s ‘23 Summer Story and Activity Challenge.

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Story Box Library’s Librarian Storyteller of the Year Award is back for 2022!

Story Box Library is excited to announce that Librarian Storyteller of the Year Award is back for 2022! More details on the fantastic judging panel and prizes up for grabs coming soon. Supporting libraries and library staff everywhere, and the important work they do in community building, creating inclusive spaces and getting people of all ages excited about reading and learning, join the new Reading Challenge: We Love Libraries! Download the We Love Libraries! Reading Challenge resources pack, including a checklist to keep track, fridge cards, bookmarks and certificate of completion.Story Box Library’s new website Resources page is almost ready, making access...

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Kinderling's NEW Dadtime Story Collection - Read by Famous Dads 

Famous Dads, Uncles and Pops Read their Favourite Bedtime Stories for KidsKinderling has gathered together some famous dads, uncles and pops to read their favourite bedtime stories for kids in a new podcast collection titled Dadtime Story Collection. Available now on Kinderling, the Dadtime Story Collection showcases the special bond dads, uncles and grandfathers have with children. Among the star line up is Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes from 2Day FM’s Breakfast show Hughesy, Ed and Erin, reading How (Not) To Annoy Dad, Triple M rugby commentator Wendell Sailor reads Pig the Winner, and musician and author Josh Pyke reads The Bewilderbeast.Listen to Dadtime Story Collection now on the Kinderling app.Download Kinderling FlyerEmail us today to book a...

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Introducing My Careers

My Careers is an innovative software platform that empowers users to navigate their career journeys at every stage of life.Everyone’s career journey is unique - support your community on their journey with software purposely designed for members to self-direct their whole person profiles and careers, and for libraries to quickly understand and support their community.My Careers guides users through interactive career exploration with tools such as: Interest, Persona, Skills Profiling - Develop a deeper understanding of unique interests, personality traits and skills, and how these transfer to careers.Careers and Course Integration - Navigate and explore careers and further studies.Reports - Share...

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Introducing ParentTV

ParentTV for Libraries is a video streaming platform personalising parenting advice from Australia and the world’s leading, research-based parenting experts.ParentTV offers hundreds of on-demand videos and courses with content designed to support those who care for children, from infancy through to teenage years.Benefits of ParentTV include: 370+ multilingual videosTopics parents, carers and teachers often struggle withSearchable by topic, age groups and expertsOver 40 ParentTV experts, such as Maggie Dent and Dr Justin Coulson, provide research-based advice that is easy to understand via short, smart videos for busy teachers, parents, grandparents, carers....anyone who is helping to raise kids.Email or call 02...

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Kinderling Library Resources

Educate and entertain your little members through our award-winning shows and radio. With content including meditation, fact finding podcasts, stories and music. There is something for everyone – even for the grown-ups!Kindelring have created a Library Resource page to assist libraries in communicating with their members on all things Kinderling. You can find printables, how to videos and podcast show artwork (plus copy) that can be used on your social platforms and eDMS. All easily accessible and NEW content each week!Download Kinderling FlyerEmail us today to book a Kinderling Demo

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Story Box Library CBCA Book Week stories and activities

Whether you are looking for story reads to bolster your library events, or activities to encourage community engagement, Story Box Library’s digital collection has you covered for CBCA Book Week and beyond!Discover CBCA Book Week winning stories Jetty Jumping, Iceberg and The Boy Who tried to Shrink His Name, and other shortlisted titles, plus promotional assets, including printable Shelf Talkers to engage your library community.Encourage young patrons to join the Story Box Library CBCA Book Week Reading Challenge, getting kids excited about storytelling, reading and learning.Connecting young readers at Brimbank Libraries in St Albans, Victoria, Story Box Library recently spoke...

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Community Collection Manager

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Enter to WIN James Bennett's 2023 Calendar Competition

This year’s James Bennett Calendar Competition is Celebrating our Librarians!!We’re looking for 12 inspiring photos from our incredible libraries, for our 2023 James Bennett wall calendar.This year, our theme is “Celebrating our Librarians” and we want you to submit a photo that you feel showcases your amazing staff and the wonderful work they do in your Library.Show us the creative and unique ways your library staff go about their day.Examples include:Running a story time session, book group or other programs and eventsOpening dutiesAfter hours (closing up) and having some fun doing soBook face – a book cover with a face over a librarian’s torsoDressed...

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Story Box Library’s CBCA Book Week stories & resources

Find Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week titles for kids of all ages, featuring dynamic storytellers in unique locations, on Story Box Library.Download CBCA Book Week promotional materials, including printable and downloadable images, flyers and posters, plus QR codes directly linking to shortlisted stories.Get free time-saving resources to promote creativity and deep thinking, with activities for Lower, Middle and Upper Primary age students, with Story Box Library’s CBCA Book Week activities and resources, including:Printable and editable Activity Cards and Story Response TemplatesLinks to Story Box Library’s digital collectionTeacher Notes with overview, instructions and links to Australian CurriculumClick here to...

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Australian Children's Laureate Free Auslan Resources

Imagine in AuslanNew on the ACLF website are some exciting FREE Auslan resources, created with the support of the Deafness Foundation.Learn some imagination-themed Auslan signs.Watch the Auslan translation of Gabrielle’s Laureate Mission.Enjoy Auslan translations of some special children’s books.Imagine a Story on AudiobookDon’t forget your FREE July Audiobook is now available. This month’s special release is The Peasant Prince by Li Cunxin. Sign up to the ACLF newsletter to be the first to find out about the exciting resources available from the ACLF.

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Story Box Library June Update

Watch online events for Public Libraries, which provide learning towards LIANZA professional registration and the ALIA PD Scheme. Find engaging and fun winter warmer stories and activities, to support library patrons through the unpredictable months ahead.This month’s releases feature CBCA Book of the Year shortlisted titles, featuring dynamic storytellers in unique locations.Story Box Library is releasing dedicated CBCA Book Week activities, due for public release Monday 18 July. Downloadable and printable packs encourage deeper text engagement, via activity tasks that can be done in a library or remotely, for lower, middle and upper primary age children.With a diverse digital library and...

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New on the Kinderling App

NEW ‘FEELINGS’ episodes now on Kinderling!It’s been an emotional couple of years for kids (and parents) so we have TWO brand new seasons of Bedtime Explorers AND Busy Bodies to help your kids navigate ALL THE FEELS.In Busy Bodies ‘Funny Feelings', Mr Snot Bottom takes kids on a hilarious journey to discover what happens in our minds AND our bodies when we feel BIG feelings.Then Amy Talylor-Kabbaz invites kids to ‘The Rainbow of Feelings’ in Bedtime Explorers, helping little ones acknowledge their feelings and tap into their inner strengths while they settle down to sleep.Check out these award-winning shows and...

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Australian Children’s Laureate Free Resources and Survey

Create with GabiA new month means a new FREE creative activity by our 2022–2023 Australian Children’s Laureate Gabrielle Wang.This month the inspiration is PETS – but with a fun twist. Download your copy HERE.ACLF also have a lot of other lovely FREE resources available inspired by Gabi’s gorgeous illustrations. These include colouring activities, bookmarks, and bookplates. Download yours HERE.Have your sayThe ACLF is conducting a survey to discover your past and ongoing involvement with the Laureate program. They would be grateful if you can take 5 minutes from your busy day to complete this brief survey.Everyone who returns the survey...

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James Bennett, leading Australian Library Supplier, is offering you the opportunity to make a donation to support your community through the portal. Donating books to libraries who have experienced flood damage is just the beginning. Before the community can borrow donated books, they need to be made ‘shelf ready’, this involves; processing, (applying protective covering, adding genre stickers for ease of discovery and security tags), and cataloguing (adding the books to the library’s’ catalogue so library users can locate, borrow and reserve titles). This is where James Bennett comes in.James Bennett has committed to donate time and resources to making sure donated books...

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Story Box Library’s Reading Challenge for NAIDOC Week

Assisting public library subscribers in making the most of Story Box Library, read FAQs regarding updates and information about the new login process for library patrons. With a diverse digital library and downloadable activities, parents and carers can join Story Box Library’s Reading Challenge for NAIDOC Week, helping kids learn more about Australia’s shared history and achievements.Eleni Tsakiris from Willoughby City Library in New South Wales shared how she has been using digital resources and additional features with her community, improving learning, reading and literature engagement.Download the new StoryBox app for Apple and Android devices, and get promotional assets for your...

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Watch Out for our Special EOFY Newsletter

If you are looking for a way to spend extra funds at this time, why not explore our James Bennett Products page or click through to our regularly updated curated title lists. Contact us if you have any questions or if you require any further information:Client Services: managers: & Selection: Team:

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Helping children understand climate change through stories

Using Story Box Library’s environment story collection and activity ideas, library staff can engage kids in climate change issues, encouraging care for the natural world, and consideration for community and global sustainability.National Families Week is an opportunity to celebrate and highlight all the characters and vitality of family members everywhere. Find stories about Family Life on Story Box Library.Read feature interviews from library subscribers, including Gabbi Wylie from the City of Ryde Libraries, who coordinates the children’s and young adult services across the City of Ryde’s five branches, and Kelly Makepeace, speech pathologist and Childhood Literacy Officer at Central Northern...

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Story Box Library March Update

The first ever StoryBox app is here! Download now for Apple and Android devices, making a world of stories now even easier to access.Explore the Holiday Reading Challenge featuring Anzac stories, helping children learn more about the experiences of Australian and New Zealander soldiers and the significance of Anzac Day.Download printable Shelf Talkers for your public library, to promote SBL stories about science, technology and engineering for kids of all ages.Meet Gabrielle Wang, children’s book author and illustrator, and the new Australian Children’s Laureate for 2022-23! Find out more in SBL’s Short Film with Gabrielle Wang. During March, all Short Films...

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Gabrielle Wang named 2022–2023 Australian Children’s Laureate

Melbourne-based author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang has been announced as the 2022–23 Australian Children’s Laureate. Gabrielle’s theme is “Imagine A Story” with a focus on encouraging everyone to keep using their imagination by reading, writing or drawing.Find out more about Gabrielle.Monthly ActivitiesGabrielle is sharing a fun creative activity every month. This month, the inspiration is the Hermit Crab. You can do some writing, then perhaps look at some pictures and draw your own Hermit Crab. You could even copy Gabi’s lovely illustration.Don’t forget to share your pictures with us to feature in our Illustration Gallery. Email OnlineThe Australian Children’s Laureate...

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Holiday Reading Challenge - Anzac stories

To help children learn more about the experiences of Australian and New Zealander soldiers and the significance of Anzac Day, Story Box Library has designed dedicated story collections and activity ideas for public libraries. Encourage young kids to enhance their knowledge of Anzac Day by participating in the Story Box Library Holiday Reading Challenge in four easy steps:Watch the story read.Learn more with Short Films.Play with Activity Time.Borrow and discover more!Find out more…With 24/7 access to a world of stories, it’s Storytime, Anytime!Email us today to book in a demo with one of the sales team

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Introducing Kinderling

James Bennett is proud to exclusively offer Kinderling Kids to Schools and Public libraries across Australia and New Zealand.Kinderling is an award winning Australian audio streaming service that not only broadcasts music, but also stories, fun fables, nursery rhymes, meditations and edutainment programs for children aged zero to nine years old.Kinderling is the perfect companion product to Story Box Library and supports a connection with your community both onsite and remotely; providing your patrons with yet another reason to become or remain active members of their local library.Click through to access more information on Kinderling or email us today to...

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Announcement of the 7th Australian Children's Laureate - Save the Date.

 The 2022–2023 Australian Children’s Laureate will be announced on 8 March 2022.This will be the seventh Australian Children’s Laureate and will continue work to promote the transformational power of reading, creativity and story in the lives of young Australians.More information about the announcement will be available closer to the date.For more information on previous Australian Children’s Laureates or the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation head to

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collectionHQ Wins platinum award in LibraryWorks’ Modern Library Awards!

collectionHQ, the leading library analytics solution, is pleased to announce it has received a platinum award in LibraryWorks’ eighth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs).collectionHQ is the leading collection performance improvement solution for public libraries, based on the proven Evidence Based Stock Management (EBSM®) methodology.By analyzing detailed trends of how the library’s collection has been used over time and comparing this with current provision, collectionHQ provides action plans to help librarians develop and manage their collection, saving time and money, improving turnover and aligning the collection with local demand.Read more on the Modern Library Awards herePlease visit or contact us for more information

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Story Box Library Update

On Tuesday 22 February, join library engagement experts and the Story Box Library (SBL) team for an informative event, Ask the experts: Increasing library engagement in a digital age, suitable for everyone looking to get creative with community engagement using technology. Assisting children with good sleep habits, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s Sleep with Kip bedtime story series is available to watch free on SBL. After watching stories, families can download activity pages to practice some of the sleep skills that Kip talks about. Due for release in all app stores February 2022, the first ever StoryBox app is almost here!...

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Story Box Library Update

Happy New Year from the Story Box Library (SBL) team! Get the new year off to an exciting start, with SBL’s fun back-to-school stories and activities. Promoting good sleep habits for families, SBL is soon releasing a special story series with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), available to watch for free. Read more about the research behind the series and the story releases. The StoryBox app is coming soon! SBL is working closely with our web developers to release the app as soon as possible. January story release: Written and read by Christopher Cheng, and illustrated by Di Wu,...

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The Australian Children’s Laureate Illustration Exhibition is LIVE and ONLINE

This very special exhibition features original illustrations from the stories of our Australian Children’s Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky. Enjoy gorgeous images from some of Australia’s most loved illustrators and some never before seen pictures too. Visit the gallery. Laureates Online If you are planning for 2022 or even some fun activities for the end of 2021 why not take a look at the fantastic new offering – Laureates Online. Ursula Dubosarsky talks about Show Don't Tell, Write What You Know and Writing the First Draft, while Alison Lester shows you How to Create a Picture Book step by step. All funds...

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Summer updates from Story Box Library

Story Box Library (SBL)’s Summer Story and Activity Challenge is back! Download resources to keep kids reading, engaged and visiting their libraries during the holiday break, designed to complement library reading programs. Watch an expert discussion hosted by SBL about screen time for young kids, and explore how digital technologies can enhance creativity and learning in early childhood, in Mythbusting Screen Time for Kids. Plus, the StoryBox app is almost here! Find out more here. In a two-part blog series on how libraries support mental health and wellbeing, SBL spoke with Frankie Jaiyeola, from State Library Queensland and Pip Mullins...

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The Follett Corporation announces a change in ownership of its Baker & Taylor division

The Follett Corporation today announced a change in ownership of its Baker & Taylor division. Baker & Taylor, the world's premier distributor of physical and digital books and services to public and academic libraries will now operate as an independent, privately owned entity after a divestiture to a private investment group led by President and CEO Aman Kochar. Baker & Taylor's related businesses are moving with the sale and general operations and leadership remain unchanged. Businesses transitioning with the sale include Baker & Taylor Publisher Services, collectionHQ, Baker & Taylor UK and James Bennett Australia. Kim Jardine, MD of James...

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Your Affordable Digital Library Service

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October updates from Story Box Library

October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Story Box Library (SBL) is sharing stories to support children's mental health and wellbeing, featuring blogs showcasing libraries supporting mental health and wellbeing, and outdoor Activity Time ideas for children of all ages. Watch SBL’s expert panel discussion event, Whose story gets to be shared? Creating a diverse library. Featuring experts and members of the Story Box Library team, our PD focuses on the importance of representation and diversity in children’s literature and practical ways to ensure all children are heard and seen through stories. Story releases: Girl from the Sea is a...

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September updates from Story Box Library

Story Box Library’s (SBL) next online event, Whose story gets to be shared? Creating a diverse library will be held 7pm (AEST) Tuesday 19 October. Featuring academic Dr Helen Adam and author Melissa Keil, the event will explore the importance of representation and diversity in children’s literature and practical ways to ensure all children are heard and seen through stories. Register here. Has your library connected to Story Box Library via SIP2 yet? It's quick and easy to set up in your SBL Account Settings, provides increased statistical data and offers individualised playlists for library patrons. Read more in FAQs...

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August updates from Story Box Library

With covid-19 restrictions still happening across Australia, Story Box Library (SBL) is sharing five ways for library staff and patrons to make the most of SBL. Discover story releases in partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival, featuring famous storytellers and favourite titles. Engage library patrons with brand-new downloadable SBL bookmarks, shareable social media tiles, and more, plus stickers are available upon request. Watch SBL’s first online PD event, a step-by-step guide to using all features and functions, contributing towards LIANZA professional registration and the ALIA PD Scheme. Explore new story releases: When Arno loses his precious toy horse, all the kids...

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Heads up! PressReader is getting a facelift.

Don't worry. It’s still the same reading experience that your patrons know and love — just refreshed and easier to use. Take a peek at what's new below. Navigate through the catalog with just one click Whether you want to jump straight to the home feed or browse your recently read titles, your PressReader routine will take just a few clicks to get to where you want. Find your favorite titles at a glance Categories, recently read titles, top publications, and saved publications are conveniently displayed vertically in a grid layout. Enjoy a cleaner home feed Patrons will get to...

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James Bennett's 2022 Calendar Competition!

We’re looking for 12 amazing photos, from our incredible libraries, for our 2022 James Bennett wall calendar. This year, our theme is “Creative and unique ways Libraries make a difference” and we want you to submit a photo that you feel showcases how your library supports your community and/or our environment. This year we are offering great PRIZES for the best photos! 1st prize: 12 month subscription to CCM Lite 2nd prize: 6 month subscription to CCM Lite 3rd prize: Mystery Book Prize Pack What you need to know: Due date: images need to be received at James Bennett by...

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July updates from Story Box Library

Get fun and engaging CBCA Book Week activities for digital and printed use, linking to CBCA shortlisted stories in the Story Box Library (SBL) collection. Introducing SBL’s first Auslan release! Read by singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke for Melbourne Writers Festival and translated into Auslan by Jason Alford from Auslan Consultancy, How to Make a Bird is a beautiful picture book by Meg McKinlay and Matt Ottley. Stories in this series will be released over the coming months, in a project that has been assisted through a grant received from the Telematics Trust. Meet Lauren, Library Services and Programs Officer at Mornington...

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Australian Children’s Laureate Illustration Exhibition

You are invited to “The Shop Gallery” in Glebe, any day from August 12 to August 18, 2021 for a very special exhibition. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the original illustrations from the best-selling books by Australian Children’s Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky. Ursula and illustrator Tohby Riddle will hold workshops, sharing the story behind the stories, plus you can create your own artworks to add to our illustration wall. If you are a local Sydney school – why not book an excursion? Numbers are limited so book early to make sure you secure a spot! For more details, to...

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Story Box Library Q&A with Chris Epple, Sales Consultant at James Bennett

In a sentence, explain your role and responsibilities at James Bennett. My Role at James Bennett is Sales Consultant for all products and services offered by James Bennett, this includes providing on-going support to our customers. How have libraries successfully incorporated SBL and how have they promoted its use? Story Box Library is so easy to promote to patrons as the James Bennett and the SBL team have provided some amazing options to promote in various way. Some of the best ways to increase discoverability of SBL is with the use of the free marc records to discover via the OPAC...

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June updates from Story Box Library

Welcome to a month of Story Box Library stories, with CBCA Book Week 2021 titles and upcoming story releases with Auslan translations. Explore NAIDOC Week stories to engage children in First Nations’ cultural knowledge, history and voices, and read our Q&A with Frankie Jaiyeola, Librarian Storyteller of the Year Winner 2020. JB sales representative Chris Epple shared insights into how library communities across the country are using SBL to promote literacy and reading. New Story Releases: From creator Jess Sanders, Love Your Body encourages young girls to admire and celebrate their bodies for the amazing things they can do and...

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May updates from Story Box Library

As Story Box Library (SBL) is committed to continuing to make meaningful impacts and uplift First Nations voices through children’s literature and storytelling, SBL is sharing First Nations stories and short films for National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) and beyond. Focusing on familiarising public libraries with SBL’s various features and functions, on Tuesday 4 May SBL held their first public libraries PD session. Watch this engaging session here. To help library communities everywhere make the most of SBL’s Activity Time, here are some creative and inspiring ideas from subscribers. Upcoming story releases: Young Maggie doesn’t know how...

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Watch Out for our Special EOFY Newsletter

If you are looking for a way to spend extra funds before EOFY, why not explore our James Bennett Products page or click through to our regularly updated curated title lists. Contact us if you have any questions or if you require any further information: Client Services: Account managers: Profiling & Selection: BI Team:

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Updates from Story Box Library

Making the most of the season, discover Story Box Library’s (SBL) stories and activities for the upcoming Autumn holiday break, parts one and part two of a feature on libraries promoting inclusion and diversity in the community, and the top reasons why libraries love using SBL. Has your library connected to SBL via SIP2 yet? Find out more about the features and benefits of doing so for SBL subscribing libraries on our blog and FAQ page. The Stories SBL will be sharing throughout April: Written, illustrated and read by Nicki Greenberg, Bitsy is about a cheeky little bat with daring...

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Australian Children's Laureate Update

Playwriting Competition The ACLF is proud to be partnering with Reading Australia to present an exciting opportunity for young storytellers. Students across Australia are being invited to write a scene in a play inspired by Pierre’s Not There or another play by Australian Children’s Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky. More information on the challenge, the prizes and how to enter. Entries close on 30 April 2021. Write with Ursula A new month means a new Laureate-inspired writing activity. What do MARCH and CHARM have in common and how can they inspire all kids to have fun with words? Download all of Ursula’s...

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March updates from Story Box Library

With international Harmony Day approaching on March 21, Story Box Library (SBL) is exploring what diversity and representation looks like through children’s literature and storytelling, and championing libraries promoting inclusion in their communities. “Story Box Library was a ‘lifesaver’ for our teaching during lockdown, enabling students to engage with so many beautiful books,” University of Sydney early childhood program director and lecturer, Amanda Niland, said. “We have a high quality online resource to direct students to.” Read how universities are enhancing early childhood education using SBL. The stories SBL will be sharing throughout March: A hilarious tale of adventure and...

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Story Box Library - ISBNs

Unique ISBNs Allowing for more complete catalogue entries and creating greater awareness of and engagement with your Story Box Library (SBL) subscriptions, each of the SBL stories now have their own unique ISBN numbers.  Story Box Library ISBNs are categorised as “digital media”, registered with Thorpe Bowker and soon to be with Nielsen. With this update, libraries receiving SBL MARC records will now be able feature an image of the title’s storyteller displaying the book’s cover in their library OPAC.  MARC Records Beginning in February, the monthly MARC record file will include the ISBNs for all SBL stories. Including SBL’s...

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SBL Summer Holiday Story and Activity Challenge

Keep kids inspired with diverse stories and creative activities over the summer with Story Box Library’s Summer Holiday Story and Activity Challenge. Designed to support the reading programs and book clubs already offered by public libraries, we’ve created a list of our favourite online stories celebrating a range of voices, ideas and communities. We connect children with the world of stories through storytelling outside of regular library opening hours and when physically getting to the library isn't possible. By participating in the challenge, kids will be able to tick each story off as they watch them and see how many...

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SBL Announces Librarian Storyteller of the Year Winners

Story Box Library (SBL) has been thrilled and overwhelmed with the response to its Librarian Storyteller of the Year initiative, of which James Bennett were proud sponsors and judges. It was a challenge to narrow it down to a shortlist, not to mention establishing the winners. Read on to find out who won! SBL now offers customised URLs for library social media accounts to link directly to SBL's login page with your library name pre-selected. Saving patrons the need to locate their library in the dropdown menu when accessing via social media. To request a customised URL email Remember,...

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Join PressReader Bring Awareness to Media Literacy

  At PressReader, we believe knowledge is power. Now, more than ever, readers worldwide are witnessing a dramatic increase in information through digital communication. The constant stream of content we engage with largely determines our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes. Knowing that content is correct is essential. That's why we're asking for your support to bring awareness to the importance of media literacy. Access to trusted sources of journalism supports sustainable development and creates responsible digital citizens. In line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, media literacy supports strong institutions, holds those in power accountable, educates, and helps to reduce...

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The Hottest Titles of The Year From The Collections Team at James Bennett

Abby H. and Claire M. Adult Fiction If we call 2020 anything, it’s definitely not ‘normal’ but Adult Fiction has seen some amazing growth in both numbers and quality of titles produced. In these uncertain times, our Australia publishers have certainly stepped up to give us some exciting titles to see us through! Firm favourites amongst our team are both Aussie authors departing from their usual genres - The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy and Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason. Both titles showcase a beautiful writing style with strong and determined female characters driving the narrative. Trent Dalton’s All...

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PressReader’s Exclusive Resources

PressReader ‘COVID-19 News’ Channel Addressing an elevated need for quality news and reliable information in this time of uncertainty, PressReader launched a channel called ‘COVID-19 News’, a news feed of all the latest stories from around the world, which has also been made available as a digital newspaper called ‘COVID-19 News’ on the platform. The digital newspaper and COVID-19 channel are unique because no one else can offer the world’s top news from over 120 countries in 60 languages, all in one place. Easy how to: Enter ‘COVID-19 News’ into the search bar on the PR platform via any device...

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Calling for Nominations for the 2022–2023 Australian Children’s Laureate

As our current Laureate nears her halfway mark, the ACLF Board is calling for nominations for our 2022–2023 Australian Children’s Laureate. We encourage people from the world of Australian children’s books – students, school and public librarians, authors, illustrators, educators, booksellers, publishers, children’s literature organisations, critics and readers to join the Laureate nomination process. We have been blessed with the contributions made by each of our Laureates, and now is your chance to help the ACLF Board select the next national ambassador who will actively promote the transformational power of reading, creativity and story in the lives of young Australians....

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Word for Word National Non-Fiction Festival

James Bennett is proud to be a presenting partner of the Word for Word National Non-Fiction Festival, Australia’s only national literary event with a dedicated focus on non-fiction writing and ideas. The Word for Word 2020 Online Festival takes place this weekend, 20-22 November – and you can still get tickets! Don’t miss international bestseller Heather Morris, discussing her first non-fiction book Stories of Hope, on Sun 22 Nov. From a young age Morris discovered that people would tell her their stories if she stopped and listened. In her first Heather explores the art of listening – a skill she...

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collectionHQ Global Coffee Break

In November, cHQ are hosting their first ever “collectionHQ Global Coffee Break”, a series of 45-minute webinars taking place daily from November 16th – 19th 2020 with the ANZ version being hosted on the 19th  November at 11 am (EST). The ANZ coffee break will feature interviews with Jane Cowell, Yarra Plenty Regional Library, and Jane Alexander, Brisbane City Council Libraries.  They’ll be discussing how forward-thinking libraries have continued to serve communities throughout the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19. They’ll share the changes introduced at their libraries to support the new normal, including Yarra Plenty’s initiative to call 8,000 library...

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Customer Service Updates

We have some exciting updates to share with you regarding our customer service team: We are now Client Services. Although we have a new name, you can continue to expect the same great service that James Bennett is known for, and we will be allocating each library a dedicated Client Services Team member. As some of you may be aware we have been training an additional two new staff members who joined us recently, and we are now ready to announce the States and Territories each team member will be working with. Below is our new Client Services Team; we...

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Story Box Library Librarian Storyteller of the Year Awards

James Bennett are proud major sponsors and judges in the recently launched Story Box Library (SBL) Librarian Storyteller of the Year Award initiative which aims to celebrate the achievements of librarians from Australia and New Zealand, and recognise their ongoing community services by maintaining connection with their local communities and encouraging continued engagement with children’s stories. Focusing on children’s librarians who have released their own online storytime solutions to maintain connection with patrons and students, librarians are invited to submit a 30-60 second storytelling video with the opportunity to win a number of prizes including the ultimate Storyteller opportunity to read professionally for SBL!...

Oct 5, 2020 - Read more

Story Box Library Activities for CBCA Book Week

CBCA Book Week 2020 offers kids the opportunity to be curious, and to use their minds to seek knowledge and new experiences. Story Box Library has created a complete collection of activities that cater for a range of age groups, abilities and interests, and are adaptable for use at home, in the classroom or at the library. Libraries and schools can use this link to download SBL’s CBCA Book Week resources. Using the instructions and templates provided, children can write a letter to a curious creature, solve a curious message, discover what it’s like to be a CBCA judge or...

Sep 10, 2020 - Read more

Culturally Diverse and Inclusive Titles

Diversity and inclusivity in publishing has become more of a focus over the past few years, helped by the #OwnVoices movement and a growing need for all readers to be able to see themselves in books. This is especially important in children’s and young adult fiction as highlighted by the Knights Of campaign #BooksThatMatter In addition to publishers like Knights Of, here in Australia we have Magabala Books who promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and illustrators. Other major publishers including New South Books, Walker Books, and Simon & Schuster, have been publishing more diverse titles – authored by...

Sep 7, 2020 - Read more

A Message from collectionHQ

Dear Customer,   We hope that you and your colleagues are staying well as the library world adapts to the new normal. Whether your library has reopened in some capacity, remains closed, or has unfortunately reclosed due to regional restrictions, please know that we are here to help you maintain an appealing collection that will engage your community.  On 29th July 2020, we released the next phase of collectionHQ enhancements designed to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your collection data, including: Updates to Dead On Arrival (DOA) Dashboard and Reports DOA Dashboard Charts and Reports help you to identify material added...

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James Bennett's 2021 Calendar Competition

Has Your Library Been Responding with Innovation to the Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions?! We’re looking for 12 amazing photos, from 12 incredible libraries, for our 2021 James Bennett wall calendar. This year our theme is “Thriving in Lockdown: Engaging with Your Community” and we want you to submit a photo that you feel highlights how your library has continued to engage with your community during the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions. What you need to know: Due date: images need to be received at James Bennett by 5pm AEDT, Friday 14th August to be considered. File size: Images must be high resolution: 300dpi...

Jul 26, 2020 - Read more

Entertainment News Update Part II: Physical Product Makes a Resurgence

It’s not just movie studios that are working hard to find a ‘new normal’ right now. Free to air TV should be reaping the rewards of everyone staying at home, looking for entertainment, yet they haven’t like you’d expect. There have been some success stories, Lego Masters and Masterchef are both doing well, thanks to both of them being shown across multiple days, and family focused.  Beyond those though, it’s not been great for the networks and free to air TV is also suffering from the same production delays that the movie studios are. This is even more exaggerated when...

Jun 1, 2020 - Read more

Entertainment News Update: Physical Product Makes a Resurgence

Right now cinemas are closed across the globe, and even as they reopen in the coming weeks and months, it’s unlikely that they’ll go back to the way we remember them for a while. There are likely to be fewer sessions per day and the sessions won’t be as full as cinemas put social distancing policies in place. All of that will have impact on the box office results for movies – it will be a long time before we see movies get billion dollar box office results. Even the biggest studios – Disney, Sony, Warner, etc – are suffering...

May 25, 2020 - Read more

New Carousels and Lists on JBO

The Library landscape has seen some rapid changes over the last month and we want to support the innovation we are so proud to be seeing in our industry. So, James Bennett have created a new e-scape carousel on JBO dedicated to highlighting eAudio and eBooks for escaping while in social isolation. While these are indeed challenging times, we hope this initiative will help to ease one aspect of your work life. Lists include: VIC PRC eBooks NSW PRC eBooks For Mothers eBook Sale! Severn House 1st in Series Aussie Fiction must-haves-ebooks And MORE! Don’t forget our regular carousels are...

Apr 30, 2020 - Read more

COVID-19 Update: James Bennett is OPEN and Shipping

COVID-19 Update: James Bennett is OPEN and Shipping. We’re working proactively with all our suppliers so we can continue to deliver the quality service you know from us. Our main advantage in this situation is that almost our entire supply chain is Australian based which means our pricing is shielded from the sudden drop in foreign exchange rates keeping the products well priced. Our suppliers have all indicated they too will remain open as long as we’re ordering and supporting them during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will remain open until the government instructs all businesses to go into full shutdown....

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Safe Online Library Resources For Your Community

You may be closed right now, but Story Box Library has 3 easy ways to help you offer patrons 24/7 access to favourite Australian and NZ children’s stories and storytellers. 1. Virtual Storytimes Complement your live storytime readings with Story Box Library! Our short film content and videos from a soon-to-be released initiative show the author’s/illustrator’s creative process and stories behind the stories. Plus, they’re permissable for you to use, in their entirety, on social media! Aren’t offering your own live storytime? Use us! Share our story release announcements on social media (1-2/week), or share a tale for your patrons...

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4,000 FREE digital titles for your Axis 360 collection!

James Bennett has partnered with our publisher partners to give our customers free access to over 4k multi-user eBooks in Axis 360! This includes a wide range of Pre-K through 12th grade fiction and non-fiction titles. From crafts and science to mystery and suspense, this collection can help your patrons with eLearning or recreational reading. Contact us to request these titles for your Axis 360 collection. The free multi-user titles will be loaded to your repository for discovery and use within your overall collection. You will receive notification once they are made active for your library. Titles will be available...

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Free access to PressReader newspapers and magazines for a month

At a time when being connected and having access to credible news sources is more important than ever, we offer PressReader with an additional free month on an annual subscription. PressReader offers the following: Over 7,000 newspapers &magazines from 160 countries, in 100 languages, with translation into 18 languages Unlimited simultaneous multi-user access Seamless offsite and onsite access News from credible sources Supports interaction and collaboration with others across the world, all in one place Built for an engaging reading experience, with search functionality and topic alerts Take a look here to see how easy it is for your members to access PressReader Contact your Sales...

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How do you continue to support members of your community who are NOT set up to access digital collections from home?

  We have the perfect solution with some great priced DVD packs for you!  Contact us for more information. Keep watching for our newsletters, we will continue to post new promotions at regular intervals.

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10% discount on all new CHQ and ESP subscriptions

Work Smarter, Not Harder. When resources are tight and spending collection dollars wisely is vital, libraries need a streamlined collection development process that ensures you have the titles you need, when and where you need them. CHQ is an Analytics Engine that can: Supercharge your collection, boost patron experience and maximize Circulation. Save time, save money, improve performance Make more effective use of your collection budget Identify usage trends to improve buying ESP revolutionises collection development: Integrates with James Bennett online services Uses predictive analytics to support selection decisions Reduces DOA Increases ROI Contact your Sales Rep or email us direct for more information.

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The Mirror & The Light Reading Guide

James Bennett are excited to bring you the below Bookclub Questions for The Mirror & The Light. BOOKCLUB QUESTIONS • Thomas Cromwell is now in his fi fties, ‘the same small quick eyes, the same thickset imperturbable body; the same schedules.’ But to what extent is he a different man to the one we know from Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies? How has his character developed? • Discuss Hilary Mantel’s use of the present tense in The Mirror & the Light. She allows us to follow her characters in real time as they make decisions the consequences of...

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PressReader has been honored as a Gold Award Recipient in the 2020 Modern Library Awards

The awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in products and services for libraries. "Receiving this award validates all the hard work our team puts into building a platform that has become a standard in libraries around the world," said Mark Ritchie, Director of Libraries at PressReader. "We take the judge's feedback seriously, and we will continue to work towards an inclusive platform that not only provides valuable content, but connects communities at large." Mark Ritchie Director of Libraries at PressReader

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Partnering with Good Reading in 2020

In 2020 James Bennett is partnering with Good Reading (GR) to make it easy for you to keep in touch with what’s hot and what’s not. Good Reading is Australia’s most popular print magazine and trusted digital resource about books and reading.  With a subscription, library members and staff can access their  suite of magazines, including Good Reading, SpineOut (for YAs) and PK mag (for primary kids), plus an array of digital resources including book reviews, interviews, exclusive articles, video content, podcasts, flip-book and HTML versions of our magazines and latest book news, all with a high level of Australian content....

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Emma Wiggle Announced as NSS 2020 Storyteller

For the last six years, Story Box Library have been bringing the National Simultaneous Storytime book to life with dynamic storytellers and fun locations! Last year, they filmed the always-hilarious Alpacas with Maracas at Stanton Library. Amidst the passion evident within the library’s walls, they filmed their latest story release, Barney, read by Stanton’s own Yasmin Greenhalgh ... And they got some footage of alpacas roaming library shelves to get readers into the NSS spirit!   This year, Story Box Library are bringing the glitter and feather boas to a reading of Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas! With Emma Watkins...

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NEW Australian Children’s Laureate 2020-21

  Children’s author Ursula Dubosarsky has been chosen as the Australian Children’s Laureate for 2020–21. The theme of Dubosarsky’s two-year term will be ‘Read for your life’. Dubosarsky told Books+Publishing she hopes to increase the number of children who join their local library during her time as Laureate. James Bennett's Profiling and Selection team member, Katrina, was at the event announcing Dubosarsky's appointment and we are all very excited to see what Ursula has planned over the next 2 years. Each month, James Bennett’s Book Marked will showcase titles, share Laureate related activities, and provide updates on the Laureate’s monthly theme, as...

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