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NOVEMBER 27, 2023

Summer Reading!


Once the Summer holidays arrive, it is very easy for children to lose some of the reading comprehension skills that they have developed throughout the school year, commonly known as the “Summer Slide”. 

Summer reading programs are integral to continuing to develop children’s retention and critical thinking skills. 

Story Box Library has provided their best tips for empowering children to read these holidays:

  • CHOICE and AUTONOMY are critical factors when it comes to boosting the motivation for kids to read.
  • Kids LOVE having books read aloud to them at home.
  • Exposing children to storybooks not only encourages them to read for pleasure but also helps their literacy skills when they’re teenagers (their HS English teachers are thanking you already!)

Just because school is over for the year, doesn’t mean that the learning stops!

Check out the below Summer Reading Programs from all over Australia and New Zealand!


Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge by Onkaparinga Libraries, South Australia:


Summer Sparks by Hastings District Libraries, New Zealand:


Your Summer Stories by Newcastle Libraries, New South Wales:


Summer Reading Quest by Western Australian Libraries, Western Australia:


Summer Reading Club by Moreton Bay Region Libraries, Queensland:


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