James Bennett is Australia’s leading local library supplier. We are renowned for our extensive print collection; cost-effective book supply; quality shelf ready solutions; and a dedication to delivering high-quality service.

We are committed as a supplier to support schools in the development of literacy and student engagement by providing trusted and valuable content, both today and into the future. We also partner with Schools with shelf ready solutions that save time and money.

Click on the video to watch our ANZ Schools Representative showcase our suite of products and services designed to provide educational institutions with the tools they need to deliver dynamic and vibrant environments enriched and inspired by information and ideas.


James Bennett Online (JBO) is our online ordering platform and the largest database of its kind, containing more than 10 million new and backlist titles, JBO is fast, intuitive and reliable.

We supply school libraries across Australia.

Gain access to:

  • An extensive collection with a depth of material
  • The capacity to create selection lists with your potential and intended purchases
  • With a straightforward platform that is easy to use

Selection Support Options:

We recognise that schools do the best job of selecting books for their students. To support this, our specialist selection team make recommendations for you to select from.

These are available to you in our carousels, in our new release section and we also profile awards. OR, you can simply search for and order exactly what you want!

Of course, we offer competitive discounts, and we pride ourselves on a high quality service.


  • User-friendly interface that makes searching and selecting titles simple and fast
  • Search by ISBN, Title, Author, Publisher and Keyword, with more in Advanced Search options.
  • New Release, Recommendations and Pre-Published content
  • Alternative bindings displayed, including dyslexic font, large print, eBook, hardbacks and paperbacks
  • We work closely with publishers and have pre-published content available for order so you can have in your library at the same time as bookshops

JBO access is exclusive, request your account here.

Books ordered through JBO can arrive processed with our Shelf Ready Services.

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What is Shelf Ready?

Shelf Ready Solutions are an add-on service available for books you order through James Bennett Online (JBO).
We can cover, label, process and/or, catalogue your books before delivering them to you “shelf-ready”.

Shelf Ready options available include combinations of the following:

  • Covering - available with biodegradable products
  • Processing and Labelling
  • Cataloguing including with SCIS

How does it work?

  1. Together, we create a Shelf Ready Profile & Agreement for your school library, inc. price per unit.
  2. You order your books through JBO. Once they arrive at our warehouse, we process them according to your Profile and they are shipped to you.
  3. You receive, reconcile and shelve. Students read and borrow!

What are the benefits?

  • Books arrive ready to read:
    No more delays waiting for books to be serviced by reducing in-house covering, labelling and cataloguing.
  • Streamline your school library systems:
    Save time, budget, resources and brain power by outsourcing the nitty-gritty.
  • Reallocate staff time to educational pursuits:
    Let your team focus on fostering and creating learning environments enriched by activities, resources and displays.


“Since moving to James Bennett Shelf Ready, we are finding that our students are reading sooner.” - NSW School

“Our library staff’s limited time can now focus on further library and education pursuits.” - VIC School

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Our book covering and processing services offer highly competitive pricing with a great range of options, including the world's first FULLY biodegradable book covering, Bioguard80®.




PressReader partners with thousands of libraries and institutions to connect readers to over 7,000 premium publications from over 120 countries in more than 60 languages. With PressReader, patrons and students get on-demand access to news and stories from titles like, The Guardian, The Glove and Mail, Hearst Newspapers and Magazines, Le Figaro and Forbes, just to name a few.




Boundless is James Bennett's reimagined and re-engineered digital service for Libraries. An ecosystem that provides patrons with digital content and programming like never before. Built from the ground up on the latest app and web technologies, Boundless is intuitive, easy to use and fun, helping libraries meet the reading and learning needs of their communities.




ParentTV offers hundreds of on-demand videos and courses with content designed to support those who care for children, from infancy through to teenage years.

Over 40 ParentTV experts provide research-based advice that is easy to understand via short, smart videos for busy teachers, parents, grandparents or carers!

1330+ videos | 370+ multilingual videos | 40+ experts



My Careers is purposely designed for members to self-direct their tertiary and career explorations, and for libraries to quickly understand and support them.

My Careers guides users through interactive career profiles beginning with their Interests, Personality and Skills. Users are offered lifetime profiles, designed to adapt to users' experiences and developments, and continuously provide feedback and advice for their futures.



Combine the power of content and technology with Follett Destiny.

Why used multiple vendors for print, digital, and technology needs in your library? Follett provides a full-service experience with Follett Destiny® Library Manager, the leading library management solution trusted by more than 60,000 primary and secondary schools.

You can use Destiny Library Manager to access your print or digital materials, connect the library and the classroom and support digital learning. Your Follett Titlewave® account integrates with Destiny to simplify library purchasing and report accurately on your collection and usage data.



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