James Bennett works closely with libraries to develop and implement workflows that suit your systems, staff and requirements. Our sales and in-house IT and Business Implementation teams work in partnership with you to understand your unique situation and offer guidance to help you improve workflow efficiencies and cost savings.

James Bennett Online

JBO is an online selection and acquisition interface designed specifically to make searching and ordering titles by your library acquisitions staff as easy as possible.

JBO is fast and reliable and best of all, it can be tailored to your needs and integrated into your existing acquisition workflows. Orders can be placed online, selection lists can be created and emailed and the latest status of your orders is always available. You can also use JBO to export brief MaRC records of titles that are of interest to you or request unlisted title information and pricing.

JBO has been designed to create an intuitive interface for users featuring a powerful suite of tools to simplify selection and acquisition workflows. An order is only a click away, you can also set up a multi branch genre-buying template to handle special projects and tasks.


James Bennett offers a full range of EDI transactions to support the efficient workflows needed by modern libraries. The transactions include:

  • EDI Orders
  • Acknowledgements
  • Order Response (for profiled orders)
  • Order Status Notification
  • Invoicing and Receipting
  • Multiple Library

We operate a full in-house IT department and Business Implentation department that will work with you to implement a tailored EDI workflow for your library. All libraries that utilise the James Bennett EDI workflow have realised significant benefits to various library processes and departments:

  • Time efficiency: processing of EDI transactions such as orders or invoices occur all day, every day
  • Staff efficiency: by invoicing material with EDI, library staff no longer have to manually enter invoice transactions and both library and finance departments can handle the same information simultaneously
  • Financial savings: consolidated invoices using EDI allows a library to receive a single shipping invoice broken down by fund, order number or account code
  • Discoverability: MaRC files containing order data can be used by the MaRC Loader in a number of library management systems to simultaneously update catalogue and order


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