Four factors to consider when choosing tech tools for libraries in 2024!

The technological evolution of the public library — already a long-standing trend — continues in 2024, with no signs of slowing down. From conversational search tools that rely on natural language processing to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, emerging technologies are propelling library services into the future, which means that librarians have had to add tech expertise to their toolkit of skills.In past blog posts, we have looked at how new technologies can streamline operations, inform collection development and generally...

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Stand By: Technical Difficulties

Our phones are currently experiencing technical difficulties.Please email client services...

Encouraging Independence in School-Age Children

Getting kids to be more independent is super important for...

Digital transformation and New Year's resolutions for the modern public library

What qualifies a public library as "modern" in 2024? Is...

James Bennett 2023 Wrap Up

To our Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Partners, It's inspiring to see...

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