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Bring your library’s digital collections to unique and exciting places throughout your community with ePopUp Library. 

What is ePopUp Library?

ePopUp Library helps libraries improve their influence by sharing the library’s digital collection with innovative partners throughout your community.

Strategically display your library QR code at partner sites such as airports, businesses and hotels, for instant access to digital content on any mobile phone, tablet or computer!


How Does It Work?

We Generate a QR code specific to your library to link any on-site visitor to your library's digital collection 

  • Display QR codes in any Wi-Fi enabled transportation, hospitality or business partner location
  • A branded message or video from your library and community partner welcomes users to your service
  • Library can share their curated eBooks, Audiobooks, newspaper or magazine collections instantly or curate what to share by partner in any web browser—no app or library card required—for off-site access
  • The admin portal provides full usage stats and registration details from users
  • Users need to only register with an email address for temporary access, which is included in all reporting to your library

We’ve also made it easy for you to learn user behavior with easy-to-read reports, access customizable marketing materials to market your library, along with technical support, unlimited data service and device management, when applicable.

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