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Making the most of the season, discover Story Box Library’s (SBL) stories and activities for the upcoming Autumn holiday break, parts one and part two of a feature on libraries promoting inclusion and diversity in the community, and the top reasons why libraries love using SBL.

Has your library connected to SBL via SIP2 yet? Find out more about the features and benefits of doing so for SBL subscribing libraries on our blog and FAQ page.

The Stories SBL will be sharing throughout April:

  • Written, illustrated and read by Nicki Greenberg, Bitsy is about a cheeky little bat with daring dreams, who wants to discover what life is like when the sun comes up.
  • Based on a true story of a famous Australian cavalry, writer Mark Greenwood, illustrator Frane Lessac and storyteller Australian Army Colonel John Molnar bring Midnight: The Story of a Light Horse to life.
  • Combining clever counting with lyrical prose and stunning artwork, Antarctica explores the wondrous diversity of this icy desert, written and illustrated by Moira Court, and read by Tiarna Chetcuti.
  • Helping kids build resilience and self-determination, Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures is written and illustrated by Josh Langley, and read by Martin Foley.

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