4,000 FREE digital titles for your Axis 360 collection!

James Bennett has partnered with our publisher partners to give our customers free access to over 4k multi-user eBooks in Axis 360! This includes a wide range of Pre-K through 12th grade fiction and non-fiction titles. From crafts and science to mystery and suspense, this collection can help your patrons with eLearning or recreational reading.

Contact us to request these titles for your Axis 360 collection. The free multi-user titles will be loaded to your repository for discovery and use within your overall collection. You will receive notification once they are made active for your library. Titles will be available through June 30, or for the duration of the publishers’ donation period. We will keep you updated about time frames and any additional content that may become available.

To help expand digital resource availability for your patrons, James Bennett will apply a 10% discount on all orders placed up to May 31, 2020.

*10% discount offer applies to orders placed from 26th March until 31st May for all new and existing customers.

PLUS We're Offering Free Pop Up Library Service and Curation

We are now making a limited number of Pop Up Library devices available to libraries free for the first 2 months of annual service.

eBook orders for Pop Up Library collections will also be eligible for the 10% discount and we are offering free curation of content for the program, at no extra charge.

Pop Up Library is a small network device that enables instant access to your library's Axis 360 collection for community residents wherever you want, whether they have a library card, or not.

No app to install, no credentials to enter, no data plan needed, no barriers to reading.

Contact your Sales Rep or email us direct for more information.


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