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Posted by Julie Buckroyd, Procurement Specialist & Sarah Cavanagh, Sales Manager on 4 August 2015 | 0 Comments

As you know, the month of August is Adult Fiction Month here at James Bennett. Our buyers are often asked about adult fiction profiles and making sure that key authors and up and coming writers are on library profiles. 

Julie Buckroyd, Procurement Specialist thought it would be fun to engage in a like-for-like discussion and shared this short list with us.

You like James Patterson - why not add......

Chelsea Cain

One Kick (ISBN 9781471130670)
Evil at Heart (ISBN 9780330518291)

OR Andrew Gross

One Mile Under (ISBN 9780007296965)
Everything to Lose (ISBN 9780007296934)

OR Jilliane Hoffman

All the Little Pieces (ISBN 9780007311736)
The Cutting Room (ISBN 9780007487387)

You like Di Morrissey - why not add......

Lisa Heidke

It Started with a Kiss (ISBN 9781743319758)
Claudia's Big Break (ISBN 9781743310335)

OR Kylie Ladd

Into My Arms (ISBN 9781743314586)
Mothers and Daughters (ISBN 9781760110666)

OR Roxy Jacenko

The Rumour Mill (ISBN 9781760111373)
The Spotlight (ISBN 9781760111441)

You like Jo Nesbo why not add......

Asa Larsson

The Second Deadly Sin (ISBN 9780857389985)
The Blood Spilt (ISBN 9780241956458)

OR Mari Jungstedt

The Double Silence (ISBN 9780552168755)
The Dangerous Game (ISBN 9780857521507)

OR Liza Marklund

Without a Trace (ISBN 9780593073926)
Borderline (ISBN 9780593073261)

You like Diana Gabaldon why not add ......              

Deborah Challinor

A Tattooed Heart (ISBN 9780732296797)
Behind the Sun (ISBN 9780732293062)

OR Sara Gruen

At the Water's Edge (ISBN 9781742379883)

OR Kate Forsyth

The Beast's Garden  (ISBN 9780857980403)

OR Sara Donati

Into the Wilderness  (ISBN 9780857989772)
Lake in the Clouds (ISBN 9780857989758)

If you like M.C Beaton why not add ......

Donna Andrews

The Nightingale Before Christmas (ISBN 9781250049575)
Duck the Halls (ISBN 9781250028778)

OR Isis Crawford

A Catered St. Patrick's Day (ISBN 9780758247407)

OR Laura Childs

Ming Tea Murder (ISBN 9780425281642)
Scorched Eggs (ISBN 9780425255599)

OR Rhys Bowen

Away in a Manger (ISBN 9781250052032)

OR Sally Goldenbaum

Murder in Merino (ISBN 9780451415363)
A Finely Knit Murder (ISBN 9780451471604)

If you like Beverly Lewis  why not add ......                 

Tracie Peterson

Love Everlasting (ISBN 9780764213052)
A Matter of Heart (ISBN 9780764212697) 

OR Karen Kingsbury

Chasing Sunsets (ISBN 9781471143243)

OR Melody Carlson

The Christmas Joy Ride (ISBN 9780800719678)
Once upon a Summertime (ISBN 9780800723576)


If you like Matthew Reilly why not add ......               

Bear Grylls

Ghost Flight (ISBN 9781409156826)

OR Mark Greaney

Tom Clancy's Full Force and Effect (ISBN 9780718180003)

If you like Wilbur Smith why not try ......                  

Tony Park

The Hunter (ISBN 9781742614274)
Dark Heart (ISBN 9781742612256)

OR Frank Coates

Whisper at Dawn (ISBN 9780732292324)
Tears of the Maasai (ISBN 9780732295660)

So what did you think of Julie's selections? Would you like to add to them?

We hope you enjoyed like-for-like. Feel free to provide feedback here.