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Posted by Rachael McDiarmid, Publisher Relations & Marketing Communications Manager on 28 February 2012 | 0 Comments

One of the challenges we encountered with the new James Bennett website was how to manage our Book Award pages - particularly with so many industry awards! The number of subcategories of awards also made it a little difficult to work through an appropriate design and navigation path for libraries visiting our site.  As such, we thought you would appreciate this helpful guide to viewing our Award Pages.

1. All the Awards we post on our site can be found at

Simply scroll down the page and you will see all the Awards we cover on the website. This is not indicative of the Awards we cover in our Profiling & Selection team. Our Awards profiles with libraries is quite extensive - from major Awards to the more niche ones - and our Profiling & Selection team is responsible for getting your books to you as per your profile and collection development requirements. The James Bennett website covers a good percentage of Awards, particularly the majors, in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the USA.  If you feel an important award is not being covered on our site, please contact Marketing.

2. The Quick Links Menu on the left provides another view of the Awards we feature on the website by region.

3. When you click on a Quick Link e.g. National Book Awards you can then view all the Australian awards - both on the page and in the Quick Links that appear on your left. 

4. Using either the page or the Quick Links, select the Award you are interested in. 

5. When you click on the Award you will see two images unless the winner has been announced (in which case you will see three images - the winner on the left and two shortlisted titles that refresh on the right). We view only two shortlisted titles at any given time.  Below is an example from the Blake Dawson Prize for Business Literature.  Refresh the page and you will get another combination from the Shortlist. 

6. Click on the > Read More button and you will be able to view ALL the Shortlisted titles for that Award on the Quick Links to your left.  Below is another example from the Blake Dawson Prize.  I selected Read More on the first book above and can now see ALL the titles that have been Shortlisted. 

7. Simply use the Quick Link navigation to select the titles you are interested in.

8. If the winner has been announced just check against the award - you will see an order now link and a > Read More link.

9. All books featured in our Book Awards pages have an ORDER NOW link to JBO. Click on the button to place your order online with us.

If you have any further questions about our Book Awards pages or would like to comment on the website, or the Bennett Blog, please contact me on the Marketing email address here.


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