Kapiti Coast Case Study

Posted by Sarah Cavanagh, Nikki Shaw on 24 August 2015 | 3345 Comments

Interested in setting up an adult fiction profile with James Bennett?

Read this case study from Kapiti Coast District Libraries who kindly shared their experience for our Adult Fiction Month.

Kapiti Coast District Libraries Case Study

Standing orders
We established a fiction standing order list with James Bennett, and basically began work on it with discussions at our very first meeting with staff from James Bennett.  Sarah Phillpot explained how the kits and selection lists worked, as well as explaining how James Bennett could provide profiled orders (standing order lists of authors most popular in our library).
May I quote Frank Zappa:  “So many books, so little time!”  You can take that as a like or a dislike!
How do we discover new authors
Looking at the New Releases lists, “What’s Hot,” subheadings under Fiction and poring through the selection lists provided based on our community’s favourite authors (including more than just our standing orders here).
Do we keep dead authors on our profile
Jane Austen isn’t there but we appreciate that sometimes reprints and reissues for our ‘dead’ or very prolific authors who’ve been writing since they were 5 show up on our lists.  It’s important to have those reprints and reissues clearly noted, though, so we can skip over them if we’re not interested.
Which authors do we like or don’t like
We’re a public library and as such cater to popular tastes so we may not always order some of the more literary titles; however, it’s great that James Bennett includes Literature as a heading so we can decide if there’s something there which would appeal to our more literary-minded readers.
How often do we update our standing orders/profile
Our plan is to do this annually.  We’ve recently run a “favourite authors” programme in the branches and on Facebook during Matariki and want to ensure we’re getting everything our community wants on our standing order list.
What is the relationship like with the James Bennett profiling team/Who do they usually call/email
I contact Nikki Shaw, Sarah Phillpot and Sarah Cavanagh, too.  We’re always referred to the right people if they can’t answer themselves.  We’ll remain forever in the Sarahs’ debt for staying silent about the Cricket World Cup on one our phone conferences which happened just the day after New Zealand’s brilliant run ended at the hands of the Aussies!  The soul of diplomacy, those two dear ladies!
Do we receive our titles quickly?
Like lightning!
Any questions

Jane George
Team Leader Paraparaumu Library
Poutoko Mātāpuna
Kāpiti Coast District Council

Want to talk to us about adult fiction supply to YOUR library?

Contact your account manager today!


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