Biblioboard Value Proposal Questions

Posted by Rachael McDiarmid, Publisher Relations & Marketing Communications Manager on 8 April 2013 | 0 Comments

Subscribers to our company enewsletter, The Bennett Blurb, are aware James Bennett has recently started selling BiblioBoard in the Australasian library market.  

A Little Background

Though BiblioBoard is the company’s first library product, they have been working with libraries and publishers for many years. The founding partners were all partners in BookSurge, a print on demand (POD) company, sold to Amazon in 2005. After working there for a couple of years, they broke off to form BiblioLabs which helped historical books become POD for a global market. In addition, BiblioLabs successfully partnered with companies like Gale and ProQuest to bring individual items in their databases to POD. In 2011 the company launched its first digital product with the British Library. The award-winning iPad app has been downloaded 500,000 times in 150+ countries and still gets around 1,500 unique visitors per day.

Product Development

They then built BiblioBoard Creator, a free web-based authoring platform that manages the design and packaging of multimedia anthologies that work on the Web and in apps for iOS, Kindle and Android. The anthologies include books, images, documents, photos, manuscripts, audio and video. The net effect is that any cultural institution, publisher, museum or library wishing to share their special collections can do so with no technical expense or technical project management.

To date, over 200 anthologies have been created internally and by leading cultural institutions around the world. These anthologies contain over 40,000 curated historical artifacts. BiblioLabs expects to have close to 1,000 anthologies available by the end of the year. So when an anthology is completed it becomes seamlessly available in BiblioBoard Library, which is a subscription database available to libraries through James Bennett.

The BiblioBoard platform changes the fundamental nature of how a library serves a patron on tablets as there is no concept of check-outs and returns, no multi-user limits, no DRM. A user simply identifies themselves as a patron and everything their library subscribes to shows up and works on the device in elegant apps. Because BiblioLabs has worked hard to drive so much cost out of the process, subscriptions are accessible to any library, regardless of how small their budget.

Value Proposal Questions

Our library customers have lots of questions about the digital products we represent so here's something from BiblioBoard that may help you find the value in this great new product for your library and your patrons.

With more than 84 million iPads and 11 million Kindle Fire devices in the world, how is your library connecting with your patrons with mobile devices?

With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, libraries need to be developing mobile strategies to stay front and center in their communities.  BiblioBoard offers an affordable way to provide mobile access to all sorts of mobile content including books, images, audio and video.

If there were an affordable product that allowed you to easily provide access to over 10,000 e-books as well as streaming video and audio content on mobile devices would you be interested? 

BiblioBoard offers unlimited multiuser access to over 20,000 items that can easily be accessed on tablet devices for much less than the cost of most electronic resources.

Does your library have its own digital content that it would like to make available on mobile devices? 

BiblioBoard subscribers can add their own content, including audio and video, to the database free of charge and share it with other libraries and consumers if they choose.

How is your library making primary sources accessible to students? 

BiblioBoard provides access to a wealth of primary source material organised so it can be easily searched or browsed by students.  It can also be downloaded or printed With over 20,000 items available, students will have than more than ample content to support History and Literature projects.

Do you have other questions for the BiblioBoard product team?  Contact our e-team today - - and we'll organise to introduce you to this exciting new product. 

Special Offer

At launch, subscribing libraries will receive free access to the British Library 19th Century Collection module for one year. Featuring content from one of the world’s premier libraries, the Anthologies in this collection offer unparalleled insight into 19th century life around the globe. Many of the books included in these collections are not available anywhere else online. Please contact us for a complete list of Anthologies in this first add-on module.