Adult Fiction Month - we focus on our staff

Posted by Sarah Cavanagh, Sarah Phillpot, Julie Buckroyd, Katrina Carpenter, James Bennett Marketing on 17 August 2015 | 0 Comments

We hope you are enjoying Adult Fiction Month.

We started Adult Fiction Month with a discussion about the RANGE of adult fiction we have to offer to ANZ public libraries.

In our second week we focussed on our SERVICES to libraries - from profiling to publisher highlights and media reviews.

This week we are focussing on our PEOPLE. Who are the people behind the scenes at James Bennett that work with the publishers, that see all the books, that order/pack/send your adult fiction titles. We thought you'd like to learn more about them so we asked a few staff members some questions. Let's kick off with Julie ....

JULIE BUCKROYD, Procurement Specialist

Favourite book? The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Favourite author/s?  Jodi Picoult,  Richard Flanagan
How long have you been at James Bennett?  21 years
Favourite thing to do outside of work? Watching Manly Sea Eagles play, either at the game or on TV.
Tell us a quirky fact about yourself! I am presently half way through studying a counselling course
What you do at James Bennett? Fiction selector and I purchase small and large selection projects, presently working on my 4th or 5th Opening day collection.
Anything else you want to add? Before working at Bennett’s I was working in bookshops for 9 years

KATRINA CARPENTER, Profiling & Selection team

Favourite book? I can’t choose a single book it has to be a series! I loved the “Liveship Traders” series by Robin Hobb
Favourite author? Robin Hobb, Diana Gabaldon and Janet Evanovich (of course I can’t choose just one author!)
How long have you been at James Bennett? I joined Bennett’s in February this year.
Favourite thing to do outside of work? Books, music and theatre are my loves.
Tell us a quirky fact about yourself! I own too many guitars!
What you do at James Bennett? Selector and Profiler for Adult Fiction; Young Adult; and School Resources.
Anything else you want to add? I’ve worked in bookselling and publishing for 15 years both in Australia and the UK. I returned to Sydney in January this year and I’m loving being back and a part of the dynamic Australian book industry once more.

SARAH PHILLPOT, Profiling & Selection Library Analytics Manager

Sarah is currently enjoying a vacation in Italy. But before she left to meander around Tuscany she gave us a quick profile.

Firstly, Sarah has worked across all aspects of the ‘book world’, from Publishing houses to Bookstores and now Library Supply. Her roles have ranged from Buying books to managing inventory to account management, to creating new book product. Sarah joined James Bennett 4 1/2 years ago, and for the last two years she has headed up the Profiling & Selection Team. Sarah usually has 10 half read books on her bedside table and at the moment she is eagerly awaiting the new Jonathan Franzen. Her next purchase will probably be Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel which has been highly recommended to her by various librarians.

BRIGITTE GLADSTONE, Customer Service Team Leader

Favourite book? No favourite, just love cookery books & thrillers
Favourite author? Sorry no favourite, enjoy thrillers written by Lee Child, Camilla Lackberg
How long have you been at James Bennett? Just over 5 years
Favourite thing to do outside of work? Spending time with my 2 daughters & husband – watching sport, travelling & eating!
Tell us a quirky fact about yourself! Born in Uganda, brought up in Kenya, mother from Seychelles
What you do at James Bennett? Customer Service Team Leader
Anything else you want to add? I support Manly Sea Eagles NRL

VICKI McPHERSON, Customer Co-ordinator, Public Libraries

My favourite book?  I don’t really have one, I like most genres depending on my mood at the time, anything from PG Wodehouse to Mo Hayder. I also particularly like Buddhist books on how to be happy and books written by David Michie including “The Magician of Lhasa” and his Dalai Lama’s cat series.
My favourite author? see above
How long have you been at James Bennett? 42 + years
Favourite things to do outside of work? I like to read, knit, travel and at the ripe old age of __ I’ve just started to learn how to swim and practice yoga
Tell us a quirky fact about yourself! I descend from a First Fleeter the quirky thing being he was a Royal Marine not a convict.
What do you do at James Bennett? I have done most jobs over the years but I am now in customer service aaaand loving it
Anything else you want to add? If I ever retire I would like to travel more, but hang on, don’t you need money to do that?

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our fabulous staff. Let us know your thoughts here.