Electronic Files


Our preferred file format is ONIX but if you are not able to provide this format please supply information in an Excel spreadsheet/comma-separated values (*.csv) file.  Whichever format is used should contain the data elements listed below.  We appreciate that it will not always be possible for you to provide all the information shown, but the more information you can supply to us electronically, the sooner your titles will be able to be including in pre-publication promotional activities and appear complete on James Bennett Online and internal systems for our selectors.

Data Elements Required

If using ONIX format please adhere to the standard ONIX structure for the various data elements and adhere to the ONIX codes for bindings, availability, etc.  Please include as many data elements as possible, including stock on hand, stock on order, contributor roles, contributor biographical note; other text including main description, short description/annotation, table of contents, reviews, etc  For more information on ONIX, ONIX codes etc refer http://www.editeur.org/ and follow links to ONIX.

If using a spreadsheet/csv file each of the following data elements should be in a separate column:

Data Element

Description of Requirement


Consistent format; preferably in the format 9780733619304, ie do not use non-numeric characters such as spaces or hyphens to separate numbers. If using a spreadsheet, set the cells in this column to number format so ISBNs are not truncated.

Main title

Preferably only capitalise the first word and any proper nouns or trademarks in the title; avoid using brackets.


Preferably in a separate column to the title; if this is not possible, separate from the title by colon; avoid using brackets.

Series name

In separate column; using a consistent naming format; add number within series if appropriate, eg   Fresh Food Series, 4


In the format Surname comma space Given name(s) or Initial(s) [full given names are preferable to initials], eg Smith, John. If more than one author/contributor, please separate by an ampersand, e.g. Smith John & Jones, Shirley. If identifying contributor role, eg editor use separate column


Only required if the item is not the first edition.


Use ONIX binding codes if possible. If a code or abbreviation is used, please provide cross-reference.  If mixed media, define in a separate column, eg Paperback + CD-ROM; Hardcover+audio CD etc

Publication date

Use consistent format throughout the file and from one file to the next, preferably in the format YYYYMMDD.


Define currency; provide tax-inclusive price (if you are an Australian supplier) or tax-exclusive (if non-Australian supplier) ie export price.

Imprint name

Use a consistent naming convention in all your files; if a code or abbreviation is used, provide a list showing what the codes/abbreviations mean.

Publisher name

Use a consistent naming convention in all your files; if a code or abbreviation is used, provide a list showing what the codes/abbreviations mean.


ONIX availability codes preferred  If a code or abbreviation is used please provide cross-reference.

Availability date

If possible, when availability is denoted as reprinting give the expected date of reprint, or if reprint is under consideration give an estimated date; be consistent, preferably in the format YYYYMMDD.

Number of pages

Numeric only (ie do not include pp, pages, or mixed Roman and Arabic numerals).


Of the contents of the book; preferably one paragraph. Do not use carriage return character within the description cell.


Height in mm

Please be consistent both within files and over time with naming conventions, binding codes etc and identify your company name within the file name where possible

e.g. JohnSmithPublishingJune2010newtitles.xls

Ideally, we would like to receive an initial full listing of all your exclusive titles, which would be used to fill any gaps in the data we already hold and update price and availability. We would then like a regular update file of any price and availability changes. If it is impractical for you to provide us with an update file, you could supply us with a full listing at regular intervals.

So that new titles can be considered for inclusion in our promotional activities, please supply a file of your forthcoming titles approximately 3-4 months prior to publication. If you cannot supply us with a separate new titles file, include new titles in your regular update files or full listing.

Please send electronic files to our ftp site (please contact Data Collection for log-in process) or email as zipped attachments to the address listed below. If you place files on your own website or ftp site, please advise Data Collection of the frequency, schedule etc and appropriate login details, so we can download files.

For more information on electronic files contact datacollection@bennett.com.au