FAQs for small and independent publishers


While the vast majority of books sold to libraries are from commercial publishers and suppliers, James Bennett works with thousands of small, independent publishers and self-published authors, some of whom are non-commercial in their approach. To help our staff field the many enquiries we receive from these presses, we've prepared the following FAQs to working with James Bennett. 

Please read through the following and if you have any further questions, please email us as per the details provided below.


I have just published a book and I would like libraries to know about it. Would James Bennett be interested?
We are interested in all new Australian publications. That includes books published overseas by Australian authors.

Does James Bennett promote my title?
All new titles will appear on our database and our New Titles Service.  This service notifies libraries that your title is available. Libraries can order your book through us.  It is up to the publisher/author to promote and publicise their product.  It will help sales if libraries know they can purchase a title through James Bennett.

What information do I need to provide?
We require bibliographic information including title, author, ISBN, description / synopsis, page count, and binding type. We also require the Australian Retail Price (including GST). We will need the publisher’s name and address. An image of the book cover is also helpful.  We have provided an easy to use spreadsheet on our website.  You can click here for details.

Do I need to provide a discount?
We expect library wholesaler discounts or at the very least the same discount that you would provide to a bookshop.  We also need to know whether you charge freight or whether James Bennett is FIS.  And for small presses our preferred credit period is 30 days.

How "new" does my book have to be?  
James Bennett prefers pre-publication but up to one year after publication is acceptable for non-commercial publications.  Non-commercial is the definition we assign for publishers who do not provide adequate discounts or trading terms.

Should I send you a copy of the book?
It is not necessary to send us a copy of the book. Information or a promotional blurb can be emailed to us. Please email datacollection@bennett.com.au or follow the guidelines for small presses provided here.