Public and Reference Libraries


James Bennett has been supplying Australian and New Zealand libraries since 1964. In December 2009 we were acquired by Baker and Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of print, digital and entertainment products. As part of the Baker and Taylor Group, we offer premier services and  deliveries, unmatched global resources and cutting-edge technologies backed with local knowledge and excellent customer service. James Bennett specialises in all aspects of acquisitions and collection development, supplier-aided selection, and shelf-ready services. We supply a wide range of products from books to multimedia to digital products to public, academic and specialist libraries throughout Australasia.

Reasons to choose James Bennett as your library vendor of choice

  • Global supply – Local service
  • Competitive and flexible terms for customers
  • Speed of supply
  • Expertise in working collaboratively with librarians on profiling and selection
  • Powerful online selection and ordering database (JBO)
  • One workflow for print and ebook acquisition
  • Knowledge of your library workflows
  • Proven track record in workflow development
  • Full service supplier
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • No compromise in quality, range or price
Our Products & Services

James Bennett has proven technical, management, physical and financial resources to supply most products and services required by libraries. We utilise our experience in library supply to source required print and non-print materials from publishers & distributors offering the best all-round service.  We have access to thousands of publishers worldwide & preferential service from all major publishers and provide fast, accurate supply, with free Fast Track Service for major releases. We also offer a comprehensive suite of digital products to public libraries as agents for Axis 360, Library PressDisplay, EBL, Credo Reference, Public Library Online, BiblioBoard and more.

Collection Development

James Bennett customers use James Bennett Online (JBO) for all their collection development needs for both print and ebooks. Public librarians can have our Sales Representatives visit with our Pre-publication Kit Service or access and order from the kits on JBO. We also have a powerful in-house  system that enables our experienced Profiling & Selection staff to meet the needs of our profiled and standing order library customers. James Bennett also provides a New Titles Service for customers to receive subject-targeted lists of new titles on a regular basis, and we can assist with retrospective collection development and Opening Day Collections for new libraries.

Supply Chain Management
  • World’s best practice supply chain in place
  • Efficient workflows
  • Global reach
  • Provision of a maximum fulfilment and on-time service
  • Profiled Standing Orders, non-Commercial, difficult-to-source material
  • One workflow for print and ebooks—from request to receipt
  • Rush ordering service
  • EDI capabilities for orders and invoices
  • Continuous review of sourcing policies to ensure a global service for the first available edition or the recommended release
Technical Services

James Bennett has proven integrated electronic workflows designed for  specific LMSs. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders can be facilitated and Brief MARC Records are available at the time of order.  End-Processing is performed to strict specifications. We provide quality customer specific catalogue records at time of delivery and there is the option for OCLC WorldCat MARC records.

Our extensive capacity in Shelf-Ready is supported by our experienced and professional cataloguers and processors. We source commercial materials that are of a high standard. We also offer flexibility to reduce actions and materials for a more suitable price. We welcome feedback and interaction with customers, particularly when trialling our services for the first time.


We have extensive experience and demonstrated success in accurately meeting the shelf-ready requirements of our library customers. We have a comprehensive quality management system in place that ensures the needs of our customers are clearly documented and are actioned promptly and accurately.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

James Bennett is a well established company and we provide innovative  solutions to our library customers, particularly with technology and technical workflows. For us, innovation does not come at the expense of quality. James Bennett is committed to continuously improving our services to our customers. We are actively involved with your workflows so we can develop a better understanding of solution-based outcomes. We are a leader in incorporating library technologies and continue to innovate and evolve to provide a world-class service and best practice within the supply chain.  

We are able to supply a very wide range of content and we aim to reduce your acquisitions costs.  Contact us today!