Human Library at Auckland Library

19 October 2017

The role of Libraries in supporting the homeless members of their communities has been a big topic this year.  Most recently Auckland Council Libraries has made international news in The Guardian for solving the mystery of why staff were finding bookmarked books hidden around the library in unusual places.  They discovered that homeless readers were hiding the books so they could continue reading on their next visit.  They either did not have a library card as they had no fixed address, or were concerned that the books may become damaged or lost if they borrowed them.
Auckland Libraries is also hosting a Human Library event on 27th October where people can borrow a human book who has experience of homelessness. The borrower then has 20 minutes to ask questions to better understand the challenges and experiences that person has faced.  “A human library is designed to challenge society’s prejudices and help people understand those with whom they share their community.”
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