Announcing a new format designed to help people with reading disabilities

30 May 2016

We are pleased to announce a new font is now available for readers with dyslexia. was launched in April 2016 as part of the ReadHowYouWant Accessible Publishing program, which features large print, DAISY and Braille editions. James Bennett is now able to offer titles in this new format which has been designed specifically to help people with reading difficulties like dyslexia. Heavy baselines, varying ascending/descender lengths and semi-italics, among others, assures the Dyslexia Font offers optimal reading comfort.

For those parents who seek your advice on how best to encourage a child to read, we hope that you will encourage them to select a title from this special range. All Dyslexie Font books are on JBO and the latest release of JBO includes the edition field as a search option - so libraries can search for these books using the edition code Large Print Dyslexic.

These titles will also be in the James Bennett Kits going forward.

There are more than 4000 Australian books now available from ReadHowYouWant. many of these are in the new Large Print Dyslexic format. Please contact our profiling and selection team for the latest product listing.