Entertainment & Multimedia


Look no further!  For the last couple of years James Bennett has developed a dedicated multimedia team, working with specialist suppliers locally and internationally on our CD & DVD service offering to libraries.  In recent months the team, lead by Sarah Phillpot, has worked hard to secure competitive pricing, ensure a wide range of titles are in JBO well in advance of release date, and made sure we have efficient delivery lead-times.

Furthermore, it's now easier to view multimedia products on JBO.  On the search screen you can search by 'DVD/Blu-Ray' and 'Music' which is a tremendous improvement to customers using JBO. 

We are continuously reviewing our service and workflows for libraries as we provide more multimedia items to libraries.  Please feel free to provide your feedback on what is, and isn't, working for you so we can revise the service to meet your needs.

Consider using our Profiling & Selection Services

Due to the many differences in the multimedia supply chain we highly recommend the benefits of multimedia profiling.  Discuss monthly targeted ordering with your account manager today to ensure you always have the key releases, a collection tailored to your needs, and one core supplier you trust working with you on your required acquisition workflows. 

You trust us with your physical and digital books - consider adding multimedia to your James Bennett profile!

Fill in the gaps in your multimedia collection today - ask us about in-stock lists!

Interested in a core, bestselling or in-stock list for multimedia? Email our dedicated Entertainment staff here for more information! These special selection lists are a convenient way for your library to enhance your multimedia collection.

Extend your multimedia collection with a supplier you trust.